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Elder Groberg and President Thomas S. Monson shared a vision, purpose and mission for making the sequel:  That this true story of love, forgiveness, family and faith would reach as many people across the entire world as possible.

We achieved this with the first movie in the year 2000 and we can do it again with your help!


Would you like to organize a group outing during opening weekend (June 28th) for your church group, corporate groups, employees, etc? Do you have less than 50 people? Read the FAQ's below.


If you have a group of 50 people or more, you can organize a private screening or mini-premiere, even if the movie isn't yet scheduled to come to your area. Read the FAQ's and fill out the form below.


I have a group of 50+, what's the next step? If you have a group of 50+, fill out the form below and send it to us. We'll contact you within 24 hours and give you price and auditorium size options.

Can I have the event in my preferred theater? Usually but not always. If your preferred theater isn't an option, we will offer you a nearby alternative and you can agree to proceed with the event or not. This is why we ask you for your top three theater preferences on the request form below.

Can we have time to address the group before or after the show? Yes. You will have access to the theater 30 minutes prior to as well as 30 minutes after showtime to address the group or hold discussions as desired.

Can I buy out multiple auditoriums? Absolutely. Seating capacities have gotten smaller in recent years with the addition of luxury recliner seating, so large groups may need to be distributed in more than one auditorium. Most modern multiplexes can accommodate anywhere from 50 to 5000 people depending on the number of auditoriums used.

My group is less than 50 people, what are my options? If your group is less than 50 people, contact us and we will help you work with your local theater to book a block of seats together. Sometimes theaters offer discounted ticket prices for groups of 20 or more but that depends on the theater.

Can we use our screening to raise money for our church or charity? Yes but no actual collection of funds can occur inside the theater itself. This is a strict rule with all theater chains.

Are there extra fees besides the tickets themselves?  There may be small buyout fees depending on the theater you request. We will detail those fees in the quote we send after receiving your request form.

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TRAILER: In Theaters Nationwide JUNE 28th!

On Set with Chris Gorham: In Theaters Nationwide JUNE 28th!

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